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Malaysian White Vein Kratom Powder

Malaysian White Vein Kratom Powder

(11 customer reviews)


White Vein Malaysian kratom powder delivers clean-burning energy that will imbue you with a natural fatigue-fighting push. Enjoy a mood boost and focus benefits as well.


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Kratom Description

For clean-burning energy that doesn’t plummet after the fact, try White Vein Malaysian Kratom Powder from Original Harvest!

White vein varieties of kratom are widely known for their impressive stimulating effects, and our White Vein Malaysian Kratom Powder is no exception. Originally grown wild and harvested in the beautiful, tropical regions of Malaysia, this strain offers mental clarity and physical energy with impressive potency.

Less balanced than Green Vein Malaysian Kratom Powder, our White Vein strain should be sampled in low doses, because that stimulation is strong! Though body chemistry seems to determine whether or not patients experience the mood-boosting qualities of this strain, most everyone feels that burst of energy. And further to that, you’ll find yourself more focused that usual, able to buckle down and get things done without falling prey to the distractions so prevalent in our modern society!

It should be obvious: steer clear of this strain in the evening! You’ll find yourself much too wired to sleep if you take a small dose of White Vein Malaysian Kratom Powder before bed. Some people may find their energetic sensations fade out into a bit of relaxing sleepiness, but don’t count on this – until you know for sure, stick with morning doses of this powerful kratom powder. According to anecdotal reports, even in high doses, White Vein Malaysian Kratom Powder tends toward stimulating.

Malaysian Kratom For Sale

The most notable quality of Malaysia-sourced kratom powders and extracts is its ability to invoke considerable energy without pushing you over the top. Even the extremely stimulating White Vein variety offers a nicely balanced kind of stimulation that encourages focus and energy but certainly not mania. You might experience a bit of euphoria, but it should not be overwhelming.

Because of this unique effect, we encourage beginning with very small doses of Malaysian kratom powder – even if you’re a regular patient and have determined your perfect dose of other regional varieties of Mitragyna speciosa. Consider these strains as very potent, and begin with only the “threshold” dose of one gram or less. You can always take a higher dose next time if you didn’t get the stimulation you were hoping for.

Experience unparalleled energy with White Vein Malaysian Kratom Powder from Original Harvest!

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color






Best Time for Use


Therapeutic Effects

Energy; improve mood; aid productivity

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Mitragynine – high; 7-HMG – low

11 reviews for Malaysian White Vein Kratom Powder

  1. Claude F.

    Every time I see a toddler running around I think, ‘If I could bottle that energy and sell it I’d be rich’. I think someone has hit the jackpot with this Malay White, holy crap is it potent! I took too much the first time and it was pretty strong, so I would say if this is your first time you should go low and slow. I couldn’t find anywhere really good to buy kratom locally, and so far Original Harvest hasn’t disappointed.

  2. Lucy

    I totally feel happier and more energized when I make a kratom drink with this variety. I love the amount of energy I feel, without feeling like I’ve downed an entire pot of coffee. I have mild depression when I’m stressed out, and the white Malaysian kratom powder has been amazing. Shipping was great, as it gets delivered to my office, and serve is always professional.

  3. Elena M

    This stuff was a lot stronger than I anticipated, but that’s part of it’s benefits. You’ll have to play around with the dose, because you need to find what’s right for you. The suggested dose for kratom powder affects my hubby way differently than it affects me, but he’s got 100lbs on me. I’d also suggest doing some research on the herb to find out which strain you want, as they aren’t all the same. Overall, I’m so happy with my order and will be placing another one soon.

  4. K C

    Coffee? What is coffee? I only know kratom. I’m kidding, I still love coffee, but there is no way you can compare the two. Mitragyna speciosa is so much better at waking me up in the morning, I’m so much more productive and I never feel that weird brain fog or even jitters if I have one too many espressos (which I’m sad to admit was happening often). I only order from Original Harvest, I just prefer their products, and I even convinced by friend who has a supplement shop to start buying their kratom wholesale. He can’t keep it in stock his customers love it so much! I demand commission. We’ll see what he says.

  5. Evelyn H

    I am a huge fan of Green Malay but I thought I would switch it up and try the White. It’ll get you get you going, for sure, but it’s a bit stronger than I really need so when I’m done with this bag, I think I’ll stick with the Green. I did a lot of research before I tried kratom the first time, and though I can buy it locally, I’d rather buy it online. So far, the deals and the quality have been much better than what I could buy around here.

  6. Sarah H

    I spent at least a week looking for kratom sold near me. I found this site first, but was trying to find a kratom vendor locally. Turns out, a lot of those people sell cheap stuff that isn’t even pure kratom. You definitely want the all natural version of this herb with no additional “help” from random ingredients. This stuff makes the best kratom drink I’ve tried so far and it definitely works the way it says it does.

  7. Donny Cormier

    If you haven’t ordered yet, then you’re seriously missing out. They’re always professional and easy to deal with, and it’s obvious that they but a lot of time and care into making this product the best it can be. This strain has always been a favorite of mine and it helps me get through the day with a clear head and a great attitude. If you’re looking to start buying kratom, then there’s nowhere better.

  8. Cheryl T.

    If you are looking for a boost then you should probably order this stuff right away. I’ve never found something that legitimately gives me a boost of energy and motivation this consistently. It’s better than coffee, in my humble opinion, or green tea, because there are no jitters and i know it will even help me feel more focused.

  9. Jazzmine R

    What I love about the white strains is the huge boost of energy I get from them. It’s more of a clean burning energy compared to coffee or energy drinks, so I actually feel better and even more hydrated than i did before. The fact that it’s a plant and not a drug also really speaks to me. I hate taking pills, so I love that I can just mix this into a liquid and make any kind of kratom drink.

  10. Gonzalo O.

    This is my favorite strain of all time! As a medical student, you can’t even begin to imagine how many hours of studying I do for exams and tests. Medical school is no joke and I refuse to slack in any department. That being said, I’m only human. I get tired and I get distracted. Luckily, this kratom is ideal for me because it boosts my energy and overall focus. It’s like taking Adderall, except it’s all-natural and good for you. This kratom gives me the push I need to keep going.

  11. Laura B.

    A little bit of this powder in the morning goes a long way for me. I’ve started adding this powder into my post-workout smoothie and drinking it on the way to work. I’ve been on swing shifts lately which has me up until the wee hours of the night. When this kratom says it will bring you energy, it’s not kidding around! I’ve been on a gentle buzz since 8am this morning and it’s well past noon now.

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