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Malaysian Yellow Kratom Capsules

Malaysian Yellow Kratom Capsules

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Discover pain relief and relaxation without the urge to take a nap! Yellow Malaysian kratom capsules subtly energize and ease moderate pain and muscle aches.

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Kratom Description

Want to find pain relief but don’t want your eyes drooping shut? Try our Yellow Malaysian kratom capsules and find out why so many patients are raving about this unique version.

Though it bears a colour name like the vein strains, Yellow kratom is not made with “yellow vein” kratom leaves. Rather, this mildly stimulating, relaxing strain is created with a combination of white and green vein leaves, which are dried and cured using a special fermentation process. During the process, the dried leaves can take on a bit of a yellow tint, hence its name.

While Yellow Malaysian kratom capsules do take on the qualities of both the white vein and green vein leaves used to make the powder, the unique curing process also alters the alkaloids. The result is a strain that gives you just enough pain relief for an easy day. You won’t be flying high on intense energy like you might with our White Vein Malaysian, but you should feel the calm productivity of the more stimulating strains, as well as the physical relaxation of sedating strains that lets your muscles and joints gradually ease, soothing aches and stress.

If you’re on the fence about pure Mitragyna speciosa powder, we definitely recommend trying our Yellow Malaysian kratom capsules. They contain the same fantastic, healing and all-natural kratom powder we sell separately, but we have packaged it in 500 mg amounts, into vegetarian capsules that counteract the bitterness and fussy tea or slurry-making process.

As always, our Yellow Malaysian kratom capsules are filled with 100% pure, certified organic kratom powder cultivated, harvested, and cured at our Indonesian partner farm, by farmers adept in these processes. The powder is shipped straight to us, fresh as can be, and samples are sent for lab testing, the results of which are always shared on the product descriptions.

Try our Yellow Malaysian kratom capsules today, for a unique combination of pain relief and slow stimulation.

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color

Green, White




Mild stimulant

Best Time for Use

Morning / Afternoon

Therapeutic Effects

Pain relief; relaxation; energy; aid productivity

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

10 reviews for Malaysian Yellow Kratom Capsules

  1. Samantha A.

    If you haven’t tried kratom powder, it’s gross, the caps are a much better way to use it. Biased opinion. I take two Yellow Malay caps in the morning to help with the pain in my legs and it works wonders. I haven’t needed any other ove r the counter pain pills in months. I like that the Original Harvest caps are vegetarian, so they go with my diet, and they’re ethically sourced. So important!

  2. Suzanne

    I never bothered to try the kratom powder because I was worried about the taste. The first day I tried kratom pills though, I knew I found a secret weapon for my work day. I’ve always been high strung, which sometimes kept me from being super productive, but this stuff is AMAZING. Someone can come up to me with the worst news, and I’m able to focus on solving the issue. I also love that I can order online and have it delivered to my house.

  3. Chris

    I don’t know anything about alkaloid levels in plants, but I’ll let these guys deal with that and I’ll just take the pill! I tried kratom powder before, but wasn’t a fan so kratom capsules were the way to go for me. I believe I started using the supplement about 2 years ago, but only recently started ordering from the company and I’m glad I made a switch. The product is cheap and quality, way better than what I was using before. Orders and delivery is also way better. Great company.

  4. Edward N

    Of the kratom strains I’ve tried so far, I like the Yellow Malay the best. It’s just enough of pain relief to get me through the day and I don’t feel like I’m going to fall asleep, not as strong as codeine but definitely better than ibuprofen or something like that. The price is good here at Original Harvest, and they are pretty efficient with shipping. I recommend this company.

  5. Carter L.

    Nothing works for pain during the day like Yellow kratom caps, I mean it was unbelievable how well it worked after just one dose. Yes, you have to take tolerance breaks or else you need to keep taking higher doses to get the same relief but it’s worth it. My wife and I order from Original Harvest maybe once a month, a few different kratom capsules just to make sure we aren’t taking the same thing too often. I like to combine with Red in the evening, usually after a really hard day at work or after I’ve lifted a little too much at the gym. My wife uses a White on the weekends so she can keep up with our grandkids. It’s been a great find, I’ll tell you that, really made a difference in our quality of life.

  6. Caden J

    I was really worried that my bad knee would keep me from being able to do my job as a carpenter, but with a viscosupplement injection in the joint and these bad boys I more than get through. Kratom pills were the best choice for me, as I keep them in my car and take one as needed. I also use the red malaysian kratom pills at night. I’d have to say that there’s really something for everyone here. Wife is even looking into it for herself and her parents.

  7. WebsterDawn

    I had a little bit of an issue when I was trying to pay, which was inconvenient, but after speaking to customer service they got me sorted out right away. This was the first time I tried this strain and find that it’s really great for getting rid of my muscle pain, and I love that it helps my body relax while keeping my mind going. It’s crazy how much one tiny capsule can do, but this supplement really is incredible.

  8. Sarah T.

    I work as a server and usually by the end of my shifts I can’t hide from customers how completely tired I am. I like popping a few of these capsules mid way through the day because I definitely notice that it gives me more energy and makes me way more pleasant to be around. My coworker commented on it and i see to get better tips to! I have ordered from Original Harvest a few times and always been happy with the results.

  9. KVIN7

    This is a great balance strain for those needing pain relief. Nothing sedative about yellow kratom, but you will feel more relaxed on top of everything. I prefer kratom capsules, as I don’t have to make a liquid out of it. not much of a tea drinker and doubt I ever will be, so will be ordering these again soon. Also looking into red kratom, but will post another review once I decide which one I want to buy.

  10. Bernardo D.

    FINALLY — a form of medicine that makes you relaxed in the middle of the day without knocking you out. I had no idea a miracle product like this even existed! If anything, this product does the exact opposite. Instead of making you want a nap, it actually energizes you in a mild way without any jitters. It’s less overpowering than coffee, but it does make me want to get up and workout. I love going to a pumpin’ spinning class after drinking this strain.

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