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Malaysian Yellow Kratom Leaf

Malaysian Yellow Kratom Leaf

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For relief of chronic pain and deep relaxation that won't leave your mouth yawning and your eyes drooping, try Yellow Malaysian kratom leaf from Original Harvest.


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Kratom Description

Looking for gentle energy combined with moderate pain relief – a strain that won’t leave you lazing on the couch but still has that analgesic edge? Malaysian yellow kratom leaf is here for you! If your chronic pain condition has been keeping you up nights but you’d rather not feel “falsely” stimulated (like caffeine and some white vein strains can cause), try this unique variety that’s quickly gaining popularity in North America.

Yellow kratom strains like Malaysian yellow kratom leaf are made using a special fermentation curing process on green vein and white vein leaves. Afterwards, the alkaloids and other therapeutic compounds in the kratom leaves have been altered in such a way as to offer effects similar to a combo red and green vein treatment.

Enjoy moderate energy and a mental calm and clarity that may have been lacking from your fatigue-ridden days of late. Malaysian yellow kratom leaf has a multitude of benefits that include relaxation, soothing of muscle aches and pains, productivity, and general wellbeing.

At Original Harvest, we only source the most healing of kratom varieties, all of which are guaranteed 100% pure and certified organic! Our partner farm in Indonesia is run by experts in kratom cultivation, and all our kratom products come to you fresh and potent – just the way you want them.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region



Green Vein and White Vein





General Effects

Mild stimulation

Best For

AM or PM

Therapeutic Benefits

Pain relief; relaxation; energy; aid productivity



Alkaloid Concentration

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

3 reviews for Malaysian Yellow Kratom Leaf

  1. Kyle

    I love the mild energy boost I get from this, its not too overpowering and the boost keeps me going all day!

  2. Sean B.

    I never heard of kratom before someone turned me onto Original Harvest. They were using it for pain relief during the day. I have chronic pain in my hands and knees but I need to keep moving so it seemed like a viable option for me. I started with Red Vein strains, but those were way too strong. Then I tried a White, which was okay, but not exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been using this Malay Yellow Vein for a few weeks now and it’s exactly what I need. Sometimes I will use the Red I have left over, but mostly just the yellow. I was looking for where to buy kratom locally but in my research I think buying online from Original Harvest has been the best deal.

  3. Derryn Gerb

    I’m not sure if it’s supposed to make my mood better, but kratom definitely does. It gives me the perfect amount of energy and just makes me feel good over all. I usually steep a couple leaves twice in the morning, so 2 cups of tea. It’s a little strong, but you get used to it. This is definitely the best kratom I’ve ever tried from a really reliable online company. 2 thumbs up.

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