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Red Dragon 10x Kratom Extract Powder Pack

Premium Red Dragon Kratom Leaf Extract

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Try our Red Dragon kratom leaf for stress relief, full-body relaxation, and a mood boost, without unwanted drowsiness.


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Kratom Description

For established patients seeking deep, penetrating calm and relaxation that goes beyond the impressive qualities of most red vein kratom varieties, we strongly recommend Premium Red Dragon kratom leaf.

Potent Red Dragon Kratom Leaf Extract

Potent and intended to be used only in very small amounts, Premium Red Dragon kratom leaf delivers relaxation that will calm you and ease stress, anxiety, and physical tension, without sending you straight into dreamland. Most people remain fairly focused and alert – not to mention cheerful – after a small quantity of this strain, even as the mental chaos fades away.

Start Small with Red Dragon Kratom

Some people experience pain relief from Premium Red Dragon kratom leaf, while others do not. Larger amounts can do more in the way of analgesia, but it’s important to remember this is an extract strain, which means there are already high levels of alkaloids and it’s always best to start quite small and increase only if you are not feeling any benefits.

Organic Kratom Strains for Delivery

At Original Harvest, we bring you more than 50 great strains like Premium Red Dragon kratom leaf, sourced directly from our Indonesian partner farm, where experienced cultivators tend, harvest, dry, and cure the leaves of kratom trees from more than a dozen unique locations. You’ll find just what you’re looking for here, and feel even more at ease with our 30-day money-back guarantee and the lab test results shared on our product pages that clearly show our kratom powders, capsules, and leaf are authentic, pure, and certified organic.

Experience the benefits of Premium Red Dragon kratom leaf, today.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region



Red Vein and Green Vein





General Effects

Mild Energy / Stimulation

Therapeutic Benefits

Relaxation; stress and anxiety; mental clarity

Best For

AM or PM

Alkaloid Concentration

High in 7-HMG; low in mitragynine

1 review for Premium Red Dragon Kratom Leaf Extract

  1. Candice B.

    First things first, I leave this review for the people who’ve already been using kratom, not anyone just starting out. The extracts ain’t for you. You can read the description here and see that this is one of the stronger ones, extracts usually are, and they’re right. I find it great for stress and anxiety, but also tension. I get a lot of tension headaches and this has made a huge difference. More bang for your buck. I alternate between the extract and something more mild though, because I want to avoid building up any kind of tolerance.

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