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red Dragon Premium Kratom Powder

Premium Red Dragon Kratom Powder

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A powerful soothing strain filled with stress-relieving, deeply calming properties, Red Dragon kratom powder lets you relax fully while still remaining happy and alert.


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Kratom Description

Popular Kratom Strains: Red Dragon Kratom Powder

Enter, the Dragon! Our Premium Red Dragon Kratom Powder is one of the finest, most potent strains on the market.

If the soothing, “slow” effect of your favorite red vein strain just isn’t cutting it for you anymore, you might want to try our new Premium Red Dragon Kratom Powder! This potent strain, which originates in Thailand, offers deep relaxation and permeating calm similar to our Red Vein Thai strain, but without the overall sedation of other red vein varieties.

Strong Red Vein Relaxation with Red Dragon

Unlike other red vein strains, Premium Red Dragon Kratom Powder delivers all this stress relief and physical relaxation without dulling the other senses. You’ll find yourself imbued with a deep calm that won’t cloud your concentration and will let you stay alert and uplifted (thanks to a mood-boost) throughout the experience.

Depending on how you’re feeling and your body chemistry, Premium Red Dragon Kratom Powder may or may not deliver pain relief – patients have different experiences with this particular effect. Higher doses are more likely to offer an analgesic effect, but it’s important to remember that higher doses will also enhance drowsiness, and doses above 7 grams could result in a few uncomfortable, but temporary, side effects like sweating and increased heart rate. Euphoria may also be felt at higher doses.

Where does kratom come from?

Found primarily in southeastern regions of Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, kratom is a tree – officially Mitragyna speciosa – that can reach beyond 80 feet in height, with a canopy that spans up to 15 feet! The branches splay out to hold large, glossy green leaves with veins that vary in color – green, white, or red, depending on the climate and other growing conditions. The evergreen leaves are regularly growing, falling off, and re-growing; the more rain the trees experience, the more abundant their growth.

Kratom requires fertile soil to flourish, in wet locations that do not often see drought or frost. With the exception of kratom farms like the one in Indonesia with which Original Harvest is partnered, kratom is found naturally, and has been harvested from wild trees for most of its history. It is extremely difficult to grow kratom – cuttings are susceptible to mold and to grow a tree from seed the conditions must be nearly perfect.

Buy Red Dragon Kratom Powder

That’s why it’s much easier to purchase Premium Red Dragon Kratom Powder from a reputable distributor like Original Harvest. Our plants are grown on certified organic farms, are 100% pure with no fillers, and are tested in a lab before being delivered to our customers. Try our kratom powders, capsules and extracts today!

Kratom Characteristics

Vein Color

10x Kratom Extract, Red

Region of Origin





Mild Stimulant

Therapeutic Effects

Relaxation; stress and anxiety; mental clarity

Best Time for Use

Afternoon or Evenings

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

11 reviews for Premium Red Dragon Kratom Powder

  1. Joe Y

    Delivers the perfect feeling of calm and stress relief. I tried other kinds of kratom (I make a kratom drink with it) and just felt out of it. I take less than the recommended dose, but I still feel the effects and feel mentally clear all day long. I was looking to buy kratom locally when I stumbled on this site. I’m so glad I ordered!

  2. Autumn Q

    My mom got me kratom powder for Christmas, which seems weird, I know. I didn’t try it until recently during my mid-terms when I really needed something to help me concentrate and stop me from being so stressed out. This herb really works and I’ve already ordered more!

  3. Glenna J

    I didn’t need kratom for pain relief, so this strain is perfect for me. I wanted something to really relax me when I’m not going to do much for the day, but it doesn’t leave me incapable of doing anything. I love making a kratom drink that I can just hunker down with and get the benefits delivered to me slowly. I wanted to try and figure out how to grow this plant myself, but the climate isn’t right and ordering online is easier, so why not?!

  4. Brenna B.

    I seriously tell everyone about this stuff. I love that it gives me relaxation and a mood boost while still letting me be somewhat productive with my day. I’ve never bought kratom in a store, only online, and this site has a good selection and fast shipping.

  5. Brooklynn P

    I ordered this strain for pain relief, but it didn’t work for me. The description states this kratom affects people differently. Still, I found the benefits to still be good. It’s super relaxing. Perfect for days when you’re just hanging out and reading a book. I watch tv show marathons after making a drink with this plant. If you aren’t sure you want to try this strain because it’ll affect you differently than you want, it’s really amazing either way. Since it’s cheap, and you’re still getting good quality, I wouldn’t worry about it

  6. Kyle K

    I’m no newcomer to kratom, but even I was surprised by how well this strain helped soothe my social anxiety. I’ve found it’s great to use just before heading into any social situation that I know will have me stressed and tensing up. After some of this, I almost feel excited to get out and talk to people…I never thought I would be that kind of person! I’m really glad I started ordering…they’re so inexpensive and quick and just all around a great company.

  7. Sidney G

    I bought this stuff for anxiety, but it surprisingly also really helped clear my mind and help me focus on things at work. Usually, I’m not big on herbs and other natural remedies, but I work a really stressful job with long hours and just didn’t want to be popping pharmaceuticals. I would definitely recommend kratom to anyone in the same boat. two thumbs up…three if I had an extra.

  8. Alicia V.

    With a name like Red Dragon, this stuff better be impactful. Most powders are too subtle for me to the point where I feel like I’ve wasted my money. But this powder is different. This one makes a difference. It’s the perfect blend of feeling calm and relaxed but productive at the same time. I work from home and love smoking before my shift, but it makes me zone out. This powder keeps me focused on the task at hand and doesn’t make me want to take a nap in the middle of the day.

  9. Tara L.

    They aren’t kidding when they tell you this strain is potent. a little bit goes a long way for me (I usually make a small drink, kind of like a shot) and it lasts a while. I feel deeply relaxed but not useless, which is pretty much perfect. I live in Canada and am too embarrassed to go out searching in stores for kratom. Ordering online is definitely my preference.

  10. Brad

    This Premium Red is the sh*t!!!! Makes me feel so good. Coming from a person with a depressive family, where depression affects every single family member, it’s amazing to find one single product that works for the whole gang. No more pills, medications, or toxic stuff. Just kratom. It’s relaxing and soothing without making you feel tired or out of it. From me and my whole family, we’d like to say THANK YOU TO THIS VEIN.

  11. Gregory Jones

    Something I’ve noticed with a lot of relaxing supplements and drugs is that they immediately put me to sleep. Even after hours and hours or rest, I always wake up drowsy and don’t feel well-rested. Kratom is the only supplement I’ve found that can promote relaxation without making me tired or sleepy. It’s truly a miracle supplement that my friend introduced me to and now I can’t imagine my nights without it. Red Dragon works great for my anxiety and stress.

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