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Riau Green Vein Kratom Leaf

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Green Vein Riau kratom leaf is a great anti-anxiety treatment that pairs this essential benefit with subtle, clean-burning energy and mild to moderate pain relief – all in a 100% pure and organic form.


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Kratom Description

A great middle-of-the-road strain for energy and relief of anxiety, Riau Green Vein kratom leaf comes from Sumatra, and has been carefully, organically harvested on our partner farm in Indonesia. You’ll find the energy level of Riau Green Vein less than that of most white vein strains, but greater than the deep, evening relaxation of red vein varieties.

Try Riau Green Vein kratom leaf for anxiety. In addition to improving your mood and offering clean-burning energy that won’t give you the post-caffeine jitters, this strain can calm the mind as it stimulates the body. You might find you have more mental focus and your productivity may be improved, but keep in mind this is an all-natural product: you’re unlikely to feel any intense effects of this nature; rather, you might experience a gentle, natural increase in clarity.

At Original Harvest, we stand behind our products, which have been lab-tested, shipped fresh to us and to you, and only harvested, dried, and cured by the most knowledgeable of cultivators. We offer lab results right on our website, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee for patients who change their minds. Discover natural health and the potential of the planet with Riau Green Vein kratom leaf from Original Harvest.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region



Green Vein





General Effects


Best For

AM or PM

Therapeutic Benefits

Stress and anxiety; energy; improve mood; aid productivity



Alkaloid Concentration

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

10 reviews for Riau Green Vein Kratom Leaf

  1. Ollie

    This is an awesome herb, it boosts my energy like coffee and stimulates me but doesn’t leave me jittery like coffee would.

  2. Karen

    I’ve been drinking kratom tea for over a year now, but I recently felt like the quality of the company I ordered from before just went down. I found this company offered the best quality, organic kratom leaf, plus had a way bigger selection. Having been using it all week and love it.

  3. Rodrigo

    If your searching for well balanced kratom leaf supplement. this is the best, cheap option online.I tried it once and now will keep using it in my tea mixes. Buying online in Canada is easy and fast. My wife notice me in a better mood with more energy and being more helpful in the house and in general. This is perfect natural remedy for me.I like it very much. Thank you.

  4. Kev U.

    The quality of leaf you get from Original Harvest never ceases to amaze me. I’ve been using kratom for a few years now and I’ve never found a better brand. This is one of my favorite strains the company has, as it offers so many benefits. It’s great for a bit of an energy pick-me-up while keeping anxiety and stress down. I’d say it’s a good strain for newcomers to get a feel for what kratom can do for your life.

  5. terrietoo

    I’m very much not a morning person, but at the same time, caffeine really exacerbates my anxiety. For years I’ve just had to put up with the coffee-induced anxiety, but my friend finally told me about kratom. This is a serious game-changer for me! No more compromising state of mind for energy—with this, I get a boost for both! The customer service team has also been very helpful, and my order arrived right when it was supposed to!

  6. Greg O.

    Kratom tea really helps ease my worries, especially when I use these green veined leaves. I’ve done a lot of experimenting with different kratom products from different sources and I like the leaves the most because they are actually pretty versatile. I’ve put them in protein shakes before too. I have bought online and in local stores before but I buy online more for the convenience.

  7. Vicky15

    I can’t say it enough…kratom is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Most people I know prefer kratom pills, but I personally prefer the leaf. I just like tea in general. It just works well into my routine and as a vegetarian, I already take a few supplements. I wanted to do something that was a little different and kratom works for that. I also love Riau yellow, so if you’re debating between these two strains, I’d recommend both.

  8. Katie F.

    This is the perfect leaf to help me with my anxiety. I’ve had anxiety my entire life and always go through highs and lows. For the past few months, I’ve really been at a low point. I literally bit all my fingernails off. The only solution for my anxiety is taking a hot bath, seeing my therapist, and smoking this stuff throughout the day. It helps me get out of bed and fall asleep. I can smoke it at any hour and it keeps me calm.

  9. Samantha L.

    As someone whose tried a whole catalog of anti-anxiety treatment and medications, I can say this kratom strain is the only remedy for me. No more unnatural stuff. No more prescriptions. I’m saving money and my health by switching to kratom. I take this stuff daily as soon as I wake up to combat anxiety, high levels of stress, and depression. Of course, I still have my down moments, but they’re not as severe after using this strain. It’s helped me become a happier, more relaxed person.

  10. Gretta

    I love that this leaf is organic! Lately, I’ve been on an organic kick in all components of my life, from the food I eat to the makeup I wear to what I put in my body. I’m so happy that OH has organic options as well as vegan casing. Huge bonus for me. This kratom leaf works so well to mellow out my anxiety when I can start to feel it built up.

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