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Riau Red Vein Kratom Powder

Riau Red Vein Kratom Powder

(10 customer reviews)


Originally harvested on the Riau Islands of Sumatra, Red Vein Riau kratom powder relieves pain, soothes stress, and offers deep relaxation without total sedation.


Kratom Description

Relatively new to the world of western kratom powders, Red Vein Riau Kratom Powder hails from the Riau province and the Riau Islands south of Sumatra, in Indonesia.

Discover Riau Red Vein Kratom Powder

A balanced and healing kratom variety with a combination of Indo and Sumatra qualities, Red Vein Riau Kratom Powder is potent and often said to be better smelling and tasting. Widely acclaimed as a “moderate” variety, Red Vein Riau Kratom Powder delivers the pain relief and relaxation common to most red vein strains, without the complete sedation of some strains.

Riau Red Vein Kratom for Stress Relief

For those seeking prominent stress relief, Red Vein Riau Kratom Powder is an excellent choice; the moderate sedation leaves you feeling calm and peaceful – and happy – but not sleepy, so you can fully enjoy the lack of anxiety and stress you’re experiencing. You don’t find as much of a mental sedation with this red strain of Mitragyna speciosa as you might with Borneo or Indo strains, but you will experience deep muscle relaxation. For these reasons, Red Vein Riau Kratom Powder is ideal for days where you plan to take it easy, rather than just before bed.

What are the Riau Islands?

A province of Indonesia, the Riau Islands are a group of islands including the Riau Archipelago and other land masses outside this area. Originally, the Riau Islands were part of the mainland province of Riau, but were identified as a separate entity in the early 2000s. The Riau Islands (and the province of Riau) got their name from the Malay word for “crowded”; the area was once a bustling trade center.

Most of Riau’s population is located on Batam Island, where more than one million people currently reside. Many of the province’s residents are involved in the cultivation of plants and the fishing industry, as water is a highly available resource, covering more than 95% percent of the province (around the islands).

Order the unique and calming Red Vein Riau Kratom Powder from Original Harvest.

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color






Best Time for Use

Afternoon or Evening

Therapeutic Effects

Relaxation; pain relief; improve mood

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

7-HMG – high; mitragynine – low

10 reviews for Riau Red Vein Kratom Powder

  1. Marc L.

    This is such a great strain! Just the right amount of relaxation I was looking for. Kind of makes me want to go to Riau, now. Thank you.

  2. Vicky C

    I have mild arthritis in my hands, so I didn’t want to start taking any pain killers. This herb was my doctor’s recommendation, so I knew I could trust it. After taking it, I start to feel super relaxed and the pain in my hands goes away. It’s especially useful when my hands cramp up due to the pain. There aren’t any kratom vendors in my area, so ordering online was my only option but it was the best choice I could have made.

  3. Carlos E

    I was looking for something the help me relax in the evening without putting me to sleep because I still have a lot to do when I get home. I make a kratom drink as soon as I’m home and then buckle down to get stuff done. I love that I can order this online without having to worry about taking on an additional outing just to get this one thing. I use up a bag once every 2 weeks.

  4. Julian K

    Great to take kratom powder when you’re trying to relax at night. I actually take this at night before I do yoga (usually just a liquid or tea form) and it really helps ease the tension in my muscles. I sleep like a baby. If you’ve never heard about the benefits of Mitragyna speciosa, look it up. You’ll make this supplement a staple in your medicine cabinet as soon as you realize these are the best.

  5. Carolyn C.

    I really like this kratom powder. I usually make it into a small drink (kind of like a shot) or else a tea, and i find that it gives me a relaxed feeling while still being able to get done what I need to. I’ve only ordered kratom online so I’m not sure what it is like purchasing elsewhere, but this works great for what I need.

  6. Dana U

    I’m not a huge fan of pills, so kratom capsules weren’t the best option for me. A customer care person told me that a lot of people find this strain to be better tasting, and I highly agree! I usually just take a shot of an extract, as I didn’t want to sip it. I do still make a kratom tea every once in a while though. It’s a really relaxing strain and the pain relief is potent. Best product!

  7. Bevvy

    I’ve tried quite a few strains from multiple brands, and I have to say this is my favorite. Original Harvest can’t be beat when it comes to price and convenience, and I was really surprised by this strain. It definitely tastes better than any other kratom product I’ve had, and I find it’s the perfect thing to help me relax on days off. My body just feels boneless and my mind clear of all worries, but without making me feel useless.

  8. Leslie H.

    I love smoking marijuana for pure relaxation, but sometimes, it knocks me out too hard. I fall asleep immediately and don’t get to enjoy the actual high because I’m so tired. I know, it’s a minor problem to have, but I wanted to find something milder with relaxing properties. This red vein powder seems to be the solution. I’m only been taking it for a few days but my couch time has seriously improved. I watched three movies after taking this powder with my smoothie without falling asleep. It works, but don’t count on it to knock you out if that’s what you’re going for.

  9. Jane R.

    This makes a kind of mild tasting tea (I’ve not tried it in any forms) and it really helps me relax after a long day but still get some of my home chores done before finally climbing into bed and sleeping super well. I do think the capsules are maybe more convenient for travel, but I like that I can control my dose better with the powder. I’ve bought in my own city before but I find the strains they offer a lot less consistent than Original Harvest, so I pretty much always order online and get it delivered.

  10. Chris Charles

    Chronic pain? See ya later! I pulled my calf muscle during a ski trip this holiday season (happy holidays, right?) My friends needed to call a snow mobile to take me down the mountain. During my weeks and weeks in bed, not moving my leg, I replied on weed and kratom to take the edge off. My experience with kratom suggests that it’s an effective painkiller and pain-distractor. It takes your mind off the pain and focuses it somewhere more positive. Love, love, love.

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