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Riau White Vein Kratom Capsules

Riau White Vein Kratom Capsules

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Feel newfound energy that will stimulate your day with White Vein Riau kratom capsules. Enjoy a subtle mood boost as well, in a vegetarian capsule delivery format.

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Kratom Description

Try White Vein Riau kratom capsules. With quick, discreet delivery, you’ll discover an invigorating burst of stimuation that will get you through the day and keep you happy while you’re at it. Best known for its ability to boost mood, White Vein Riau kratom capsules can help people dealing with depression and other mood disorders.

White Vein Riau kratom capsules are not for lazy afternoons or evenings. There’s little sedation in this “fast” strain, which means taking it too close to bedtime is likely to leave you wide awake well into the wee hours. Instead, stick to small doses (no more than three grams, recommended) in the morning – it doesn’t take much to feel the wonderful benefits of this energizing strain.

While White Vein Riau kratom capsules are perfect for getting you through the morning after a bad sleep or a late night, they can also deliver the boost of energy you need to make sure you don’t toss and turn tonight, as well. With added stimulation that is clean-burning – unlike caffeine and other stimulants – you may find White Vein Riau kratom capsules let you be as active as you’ve always wanted to be; by the end of the day, you’ll be dog tired and ready for a deep, sound sleep!

Choosing capsules for your kratom treatment is a simple, straightforward method and prevents you from having to carry around a scale all the time. Instead, each vegetarian capsule is filled with 500 mg of Mitragyna speciosa – the 100% pure, organic, lab tested kratom powder that was cultivated and cured by our experts in Indonesia, and shipped fast and fresh to our warehouse on the US west coast. Experience the full potency of kratom with White Vein Riau kratom capsules from Original Harvest.

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color






Best Time for Use


Therapeutic Effects

Energy; improve mood; aid productivity

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Mitragynine – high; 7-HMG – low

11 reviews for Riau White Vein Kratom Capsules

  1. Gino P

    Recently switched to an overnight shift at work, and always had trouble staying up. Five cups of coffee was really killing my guts, so my wife found these online. Keeps me up (I still have one cup of coffee) and going my whole shift with no issues. It took a few days for my body to get used to it, but it was definitely worth the buy. Cheap, effective, and quality kratom capsules…what more could you want? The best part about it is that I’m also tired at the end of my day. I don’t need a few hours to wind down or anything.

  2. Elisha E

    I’ve had depression my entire life but since becoming an adult I’ve been searching for a way to get off SSRIs. These kratom capsules have allowed me to get my dose lowered, even though I haven’t completely stopped taking antidepressants, and I feel 10 times better. This herb can also help energize you, and I find that I’m more relaxed overall.

  3. Brendan O

    They are right when they mean don’t take too much. I didn’t want to worry about measuring anything, so kratom capsules are perfect. I know people who drink the tea and love it, but I can’t be bothered. The benefits are the same anyways, since it’s the same plant. Give me my kratom pills and I’m happy as a clam! Riau and Thai are really good ones. If you don’t want too much energy then try the green or yellow strains. They’re all great, but I like white strains best.

  4. Alex H

    My wife and I just had a baby and I have found it so hard to get up in the mornings after the late and long nights. I don’t like the way drinking tons of coffee makes me feel so I tried these and I will definitely be sticking with them. I feel great and way more energized without being overstimulated. I like that they are pills because I can take them with me when I head out the door sometimes.

  5. Patrick Q

    I can’t get enough of these kratom pills. I actually only take one, as I find them extremely energizing. kratom capsule benefits are the same whether you use the pills or the powder. Same stuff, and this is the best strain. I used to use the powder, but I’d also put too much in. Really like that this is a natural plant as well.

  6. Taryn Tee

    I had a bit of trouble with my order when it showed up, but the company was very responsive and sent me all my products as I’d ordered them promptly. However, after seeing their response and trying their product, it definitely won’t stop me from ordering more for Original Harvest. This stuff is awesome! Who needs coffee anymore when you can just take one of these capsules? Not only did I not have any of the weird side effects I usually get from caffeine, but it actually puts me in a great mood too!

  7. Joey G

    Found these to be pretty strong compared to some of the other white strains, which is what I wanted. This is the perfect supplement for getting you going during the day instead of drinking coffee or tea. I find myself feeling better overall since I started using this herb. Since i’m always on the go, it’s pretty convenient to be able to buy online. Definitely would say this is my favorite white strain now!

  8. Mylissa E.

    Subtelty is key. I never enjoy feeling out of control of my emotions or actions. You know, like when you get too high or stoned to function and feel like everyone is staring at you. These capsules bring on a subtle mood change for the better. I felt more alert, awake, creative, and generally happy. It was nothing major, don’t expect any big, drastic changes. But if you want a little boost for an afternoon pick-up, try these capsules! I bring 2 or 3 everywhere in my purse. They’re small enough to carry everywhere and no one will notice.

  9. Blake O.

    Oh man these are a game changer. I don’t normally write reviews but these pills knocked it out of the park for me. They give me so much energy and I can’t believe it’s all natural. I ordered online from Original Harvest and was pretty pleased with the whole process.

  10. Summer K.

    This vein is great for an all-natural energy boost. It’s unlike any other energy-boosting supplement or drink I’ve ever tried. Not quite coffee, not quite Red Bull. My seasonal affective disorder makes the majority of my winter days slow, tired, and sluggish. I’m not motivated to do anything…meet anyone…sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed. My whole body is out of whack in terms of energy and motivation. I’m glad I found this kratom vein when I was at my lowest point.

  11. Callden C.

    These capsules create a happy experience for me. As their description says, they can uplift mood and gently stimulate the brain and body. I completely agree with this description, it’s accurate for me. I naturally suffer from mood swings and consider myself a moody person without any medical diagnosis behind it. These capsules have helped keep my mood in check so I don’t lash out at people who don’t deserve it. Kratom has made me a happier individual.

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