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Riau White Vein Kratom Leaf

Riau White Vein Kratom Leaf

(9 customer reviews)


Find the energy that has been eluding you for so long, thanks to chronic pain or insomnia. White Vein Riau kratom leaf delivers all-natural mood improvement and stimulation.


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Kratom Description

This invigorating strain will leave you with a subtle energy akin to that created by caffeine, without the crash or jitters that often accompany the effects of this kratom cousin. Riau White Vein kratom leaf offers only minor pain relief, but can effectively improve mood and banish fatigue in a natural way. Only a small amount of kratom (as little as 1 gram) is required to feel these benefits.

If your chronic illness is causing a lack of sleep, leaving you sluggish in the mornings and hard-pressed to function fully, Riau White Vein kratom leaf, as well as other white vein varieties, might be the ideal option for you. You’ll find your mind sharpened, with focus, clarity and productivity coming more easily than before. White Vein strains are not recommended for afternoons or evenings, as you may find yourself overstimulated before bedtime.

At Original Harvest, we’re dedicated to bringing our customers the highest-quality kratom. All our products are sourced from our partner farm, a certified organic facility in Indonesia that is run by experts in kratom cultivation. All harvest, drying, and curing of our kratom strains is done at the farm, as well as testing, and we subsequently have our strains lab tested when they arrive in the US.

Riau White Vein kratom leaf comes to you fresh and well-packaged, in unbranded shipping packages that keep your natural relief treatments private. Discover natural health with Original Harvest Kratom.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region



White Vein





General Effects


Best For


Therapeutic Benefits

Energy; improve mood; aid productivity



Alkaloid Concentration

high in mitragynine; low in 7-HMG

9 reviews for Riau White Vein Kratom Leaf

  1. Karen

    what a fast acting version of kratom, i love it in the mornings, totally prepares me for a full day!

  2. Sasha U

    I have really bad anxiety that usually keeps me up…sometimes i get full-blown panic attacks that can last for days…also not allowing me to sleep. Riau white actually works. It calms me down during the day so i can go about my day. I drink a kratom tea in the morning to combat symptoms and then take a kratom capsule, usually a red strain. I recommend this herb to everyone.

  3. Jessie D.

    Kratom is awesome. I love this stuff the morning after a long night or just ahead of a super long day. It gives me energy but doesn’t make me feel chaotic or jittery. It just makes me feel happy and positive. People have even remarked on what a good mood I’m in! Will definitely be buying again.

  4. Dylan M

    I’m super impressed by kratom so far. I’d never heard of the plant until my sister-in-law read about it in the newspaper. She was so insistent I try it that she bought my first order online from here. It surprisingly worked and I love a good cup of tea. This herb is definitely worth it, and the price is pretty cheap. If you think about how much you spend on a few cups of coffee every day versus this, this definitely wins.

  5. Anne N

    I feel like I’ve been searching for this supplement my whole life! As soon as I started taking it, everything just seemed to kind of click. I’ve never felt better in body or in mind, and because my pain isn’t keeping me up all night, I’ve never slept better. What a wonder a good night’s sleep will do! My friend turned me in the direction of this cmpany and I’m super happy. The product is top shelf, the prices are incredible, and delivery was so quick!

  6. Nicola H

    My sister has been dealing with post-partum depression and haven’t really found any relief from anything. I was looking for natural supplements to help and came across kratom. I opted for the leaf so that she could make herself a tea, which is something she normally does, and not have to worry about taking a pill. The benefits are amazing and the change is really incredible. She’s feeling better as a whole and is slowly working towards getting back to her old self with the help of this herb!

  7. Tess C.

    I’ve been dealing with some financial issues that are really stressing me out and making it hard to get a good nights sleep. I am so happy to have found a natural and affordable product that is giving me energy and making my issues seem less of a burden. I am finally on the right track. Original Harvest has the best prices for the quality I’ve seen for kratom anywhere.

  8. Angela W.

    Okay, this may be too much information, but whenever my period rolls around, I find myself in the worst moods. PMS is no joke, guys! I feel super crabby and moody, and every little thing annoys me — even the sound of my boyfriend breathing next to me. I bought this leaf in hopes of a slight mood boost. It didn’t work the first time cause I took way too little, but on my second try, it totally did the trick. I felt naturally happier and in better spirits. Even my boyfriend noticed.

  9. Jason Mendez

    Goddddd yes. Something on the market that actually works. I’ve been sold every medication in the book from chronic pain and have bounced from doctor to doctor for five years. You hear about all these pills on TV but I’m betting none of them work. It’s time to trust the natural stuff for a change. I trusted kratom, I had a good gut feeling about it, and it works! Sometimes my pain causes me to toss and turn all night, and guess what, this vein ALSO is good for energy!

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