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Riau Yellow Kratom Capsules

Riau Yellow Kratom Capsules

(9 customer reviews)


Yellow Riau kratom capsules soothe anxiety and stress and boost energy in a gentle, unobtrusive manner. Our pure, organic kratom powder is encased in 100% plant-based, vegan capsules.

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Kratom Description

Yellow Riau kratom capsules contain a unique and exciting strain derived from the white and green leaves of the Riau kratom tree. These leaves are stacked and dried in a method that encourages fermentation, and the end result is a balanced effect and a yellow-tinted powder.

The unique alkaloid composition of our Yellow Riau kratom capsules will deliver stress relief and relaxation as well as gentle energy that will give you enough “oomph” to carry you through a day of slow, easy work: you won’t be bouncing with stimulation, but you won’t be nodding off over your papers, either. Ideal for studying or working from home, Yellow Riau kratom capsules offer mental clarity and a bit of a mood boost to make your day that much easier.

Enjoy pain management similar to a red vein strain with Yellow Riau kratom capsules. You should experience bone-deep relaxation that eases tension muscles and joints and soothes nerve pain as well.

When you order kratom like Yellow Riau kratom capsules from Original Harvest, you’re assured of quality. We won’t accept anything less, and that is why all our strains are cultivated and harvested by expert farmers on our Indonesian partner farm.

Working with a single provider means we’re better able to ensure potency and authenticity. That’s right: our kratom is never mixed with any other products to increase its weight and dilute its purity – not only do additives and fillers result in a waste of money, but they can also be dangerous! When you order from us, you know exactly what you’re getting: pure, 100% organic kratom powder.

Our Yellow Riau kratom capsules contain this same excellent, potent powder. 500 mg of the Mitragyna speciosa powder is added to each vegetarian capsule, and each bottle is filled with 90 pills. Capsules are an easy medicine delivery method – it’s pre-measured and discreet.

Experience the healing benefits of all-natural kratom, today: order Yellow Riau kratom capsules from Original Harvest!

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color

Green, White




Mild stimulant

Best Time for Use

Morning / Afternoon

Therapeutic Effects

Relaxation; stress and anxiety; energy; mental clarity

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

9 reviews for Riau Yellow Kratom Capsules

  1. Clara G

    My friend buys these from this site all the time and encouraged me to try them. Bought and delivered directly to the USA, and have been taking them for a few weeks. i love how good I feel as a whole. Most of my time is spent studying. Since I’m doing a nursing program, it’s super intensive and long hours. This little herb is like Jack’s magic bean stock. One small pill and you are ready to go!

  2. Joel U

    I love yellow strains because they just offer the best of both worlds for kratom capsules. There’s nowhere to buy kratom near me, so online was my only option and I’m glad I did. Fast delivery in the USA and great product. I’ve been using kratom pills for about 6 months now and love them.

  3. Phyl G

    I’m getting my masters degree and working full time. I’ve tried the tea before, but would be running out the door before I’d remember to take it. I also use the green riau kratom pills for busier days and they’re the bomb. I personally like the yellow kratom capsules best because I like the calming/relaxing energy. There isn’t any where to buy kratom locally, so buying online was great.

  4. Vanessa Tripp

    I’ve found that these are perfect when you’re studying for an exam. Enough relaxation so that you don’t stress out about how much you have to do, but also the ability to focus on what you are doing so you can cram as much knowledge as possible into your brain! I order them online from this company all the time and find the quality is great and the shipping’s really fast.

  5. Sydney O

    I was searching where I can buy mitragyna speciosa and found this company! Kratom pills are super great, they have so many benefits for being an herb. The difference is noticeable right away. Kratom vendors near me don’t offer this kind of selection, so online it was. Always researching their products to find out what else I might like. So far, this is the favorite.

  6. John Y

    I usually use this kratom powder to make a kind of tincture “shot” during my lunch hour at work. I find it relaxes me better than ay other natural herb I’ve tried, and it doesn’t taste as bad as people say. I’ve been buying kratom near me from a store for a couple years, but I just didn’t find it did too much and then I found out the supplier had actually been using filler. This stuff is pure 100% kratom that actually works. The results speak to the quality of the product, and it’s a great price.

  7. Allie V.

    I order these online for my mom and she calls them her “happy pills”. They help her with stress and anxiety and I feel better that she’s taking something that’s natural instead of some chemical drug company stuff. I like that everything from this company has been lab tested and organic. I feel good ordering from here.

  8. Dave Wiscon

    Such a soothing experience with these capsules. They’ve become a part of my post-work routine. I know everyone complains about work or their job, but I have it so bad sometimes. I think my anxiety makes me more susceptible to a**holes on a daily basis. I can feel my anger building up inside me and it’s only a matter of time before I boil over. Or, so I thought. These capsules are my remedy for relaxation and calmness. They really work for me.

  9. Meredith O.

    Whenever I search for a new supplement, I always make sure it can kill two birds with one stone and that it’s multi-functional enough to cater to my medical needs. That’s exactly what I get with these kratom capsules. They bring a little bit of everything, from stress and anxiety relief to gentle energy as well. I take two capsules right when I wake up and set myself up for success for the rest of the day. I find I get my best work done after I’ve taken a capsule or two.

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