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Sumatra Green Vein Kratom Leaf

Sumatra Green Vein Kratom Leaf

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For pain relief, stress relief, fatigue relief and more, try Green Vein Sumatra kratom leaf. Around here, “leaf” equals “relief” (not to mention organic)!


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Kratom Description

Native to the beautiful Sumatra island of Indonesia, our Sumatra Green Vein kratom leaf is an excellent “moderate” strain for those seeking a combination of stimulation and sedation. It is thanks to the unique climate conditions of Sumatra that this kratom tree variety can bring you balanced relief for a number of symptoms.

Most patients who use Sumatra Green Vein kratom leaf will experience mild energy – the kind you might find from a cup or two of coffee, but nothing that feels unnatural or leaves you jittery. Kratom often has the added benefit of not causing you to crash when the effects begin to fade.

In addition to energy, this strain can help curb anxiety and also offers relief of mild to moderate chronic or acute pain. Say goodbye to a racing heartrate or panicked thoughts – many people find a calming and ordering of the mind along with the improved mental clarity and even productivity offered by Sumatra Green Vein kratom leaf.

Our certified organic kratom leaf, powders, and capsules are all grown and harvested on our partner farm in Indonesia, where cultivators with years of experience see to the traditional drying and curing of the kratom leaves. Sumatra Green Vein kratom leaf is just one of more than 50 unique strains we offer in various forms. Discover natural health today, with Original Harvest Kratom.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region



Green Vein



General Effects

Mild Sedation

Best For

AM or PM

Therapeutic Benefits

Energy; aid productivity; mental clarity; pain relief





Alkaloid Concentration

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

3 reviews for Sumatra Green Vein Kratom Leaf

  1. Ana F

    I love the natural affect of these leaves. i tried the capsules, but would forget to take them. At least with the actual herb, I can take it anywhere and steep a kratom tea. The energizing effects are not too intense, but are long lasting.

  2. Robyn

    This is the best kratom plant I’ve experienced after trying different strains from different online stores. I’m currently working two different jobs and finding it to be really stressful. I get home from work feeling exhausted and then immediately after dinner needs to force myself to work on my freelance business. This leaf helps me get both jobs done with more motivation and helps me get the jobs done well. Original harvest, thank you…

  3. Woody

    I thought the description of this product was too good to be true. I bought it on a whim to find pain relief from a recent sports-related injury that was keeping me up at night and constantly stressing me out. I read the word “relief” at least five times in the description and had to give it a shot. This is my third week drinking the leaf with my tea and I’ve noticed jaw-dropping results in my pain management. Will definitely shop here again when my stash runs out.

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