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Sumatra Red Vein Kratom Capsules

Sumatra Red Vein Kratom Capsules

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Experience natural pain relief and deep, sleep-inducing sedation of the native Sumatrans of old. Red Vein Sumatra kratom capsules come in vegetarian caps.

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Kratom Description

At Original Harvest, we sell only pure, 100% organic kratom powders and capsules, and our Red Vein Sumatra kratom capsules are no exception. Possessing impressive analgesic and stress-soothing benefits, this strain is a great choice for evening treatment of pain and tension.

A definitively “slow” strain, Red Vein Sumatra kratom capsules deliver deep sedation and can counteract insomnia for those experiencing repeated difficulty falling or remaining asleep. Known for its fast-acting effect, Red Vein Sumatra kratom capsules will leave you thoroughly soothed and ready for bed within minutes.

Many patients also find Red Vein Sumatra kratom capsules are an excellent option for gentle mood enhancement. Though you’ll be feeling relaxed and sleepy, you should also experience a gentle sense of happiness and some euphoria after your dose of Red Vein Sumatra kratom capsules. You may also experience lowered blood pressure and lessened anxiety.

We recommend our Red Vein Sumatra kratom capsules and powders to anyone seeking a better night’s sleep free of chronic or acute pain. If you have been previously taking opioids to ease your pain but are concerned about dependence, you might want to consider switching to Mitragyna speciosa. Though it interacts with the body in a similar way – which eases the inevitable opioid withdrawal – kratom cannot cause respiratory failure, which means it is much safer. Like any natural medicine, though, when mixed with other substances kratom’s effects are not predictable, and as such it is important to take your dose on its own.

Try our Red Vein Sumatra kratom capsules – vegetarian caps filled with 500 mg of kratom powder – today, and see what true, all-natural relaxation feel like.

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color






Best Time for Use

Afternoon or Evening

Therapeutic Effects

Pain relief; stress and anxiety; relaxation

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

7-HMG – high; mitragynine – low

6 reviews for Sumatra Red Vein Kratom Capsules

  1. Garret T.

    I needed pain relief fast, I was so tired of suffering – my body aches all over and I just wasn’t sleeping, the pain would wake me up all night long. Like a lot of people I wasn’t sure about it at first, there are so many fads out there and I’m not the biggest fan of these herbal remedies. But when I tell you I was desperate, I mean it, so I ordered some of this Sumatra Red Vein kratom from Original Harvest. It arrived quickly, shipped straight to my door, which was a good sign. It’s been a about a mont now and I feel like a changed man. I’m ready to place my next order, and I think I’ll be adding another strain to my purchase, I’m that impressed.

  2. Jill T

    I use Sumatra red to ease myself into a peaceful sleep that I’ve been waiting for for so many years. I ordered from this company and several others for my first time trying kratom to see which one was the best, and I don’t use anything except the one I got from Original Harvest. Kratom capsules are great for me, because I take them with my other supplements and have no issues.

  3. Zack N

    Oh, this strain will really knock you out. It’s wonderful. I have been suffering on and off with bouts of insomnia and nothing was helping. I heard about kratom through the news, they mentioned it can be stimulating but also good for putting you to sleep. I thought, why not, can’t be that bad. Found Original Harvest, ordered the Red Sumatra and here we are – pleased as punch. Yes, there’s a little bit of a light trip, but that doesn’t bother me, it’s actually kind of fun, takes me back to my youth a little bit. It’s never been overwhelming though. I prefer caps to the other preparations, like tinctures or powders or leaves. They’re a lot less messy, easier to dose, too. I keep them beside the bed for when I really need them, usually just a couple times a week.

  4. Lee N

    Original Harvest is one of the best for kratom strains I’ve tried. Good quality, compared to other companies I’ve ordered from. The Sumatra isn’t my favorite though, I think I had higher expectations from what I was expecting. Yes, its definitely a slow strain and I felt sleepy but it didn’t keep me asleep. It is good for pain relief, but I was still awake hours after using it. I still believe in kratom, so I’ll keep using it. It’s much better than the over the counter stuff. It’s just good there are so many different types to try.

  5. gogetter56

    What a great supplement! First of all, I love that these capsules are 100% organic and that it was so easy to order online. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up with my order and I was shipped the wrong product, but the customer service representatives were really helpful and got me the right order in short order. I’ve had no problems since I’ve received them, and have found them incredibly helpful for managing my back pain. They definitely make me a bit drowsy though, so I’d recommend taking them at night.

  6. Russell M.

    I don’t like the taste of kratom very much so I decided to go with capsules instead. I initially bought kratom to help with my insomnia after seeing how well it helped my friend. The Sumatra Red Vein has helped me with my sleep patterns in ways I can’t even believe! At first, I was skeptical since nothing else worked for my sleepless night, but now I’m a true believer in kratom. These capsules work better than any other supplement I’ve tried, like Valerian or Melatonin.

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