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Sumatra Yellow Kratom Leaf

Sumatra Yellow Kratom Leaf

(11 customer reviews)


Popular Yellow Sumatra kratom leaf is a great choice for anti-anxiety and pain relief coupled with just enough relaxation to calm your hectic mind.


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Kratom Description

Look no farther for organic, pure kratom that energizes and relieves mild to moderate pain. WIf you’re looking for relaxation that won’t leave you fully sedation (like red vein strains) and energy that won’t leave you completely invigorated (like white vein strains), try Sumatra Yellow Kratom Leaf! This premium, certified organic and 100% kratom strain comes to you from our partner farm in Indonesia, where potent green and white vein Sumatra kratom leaves have been cured using a special method that alters the content of alkaloids and other compounds for a unique, specialty kratom strain.

Original Harvest is dedicated to delivering only the finest kratom strains – quickly and discreetly right to your door – and that’s why we offer high-quality options like Sumatra Yellow kratom leaf. Available in powder and capsule form as well, Sumatra Yellow gives you gentle relief of anxiety, stress, and pain, while still letting you carry on with your day thanks to a somewhat subdued infusion of stimulation – not quite as much as Green Vein Sumatra, but still helpful if you’ve had a bad night.

Some users find they feel mentally clear and in a better mood after trying Sumatra Yellow kratom leaf. We can’t guarantee the effects will be the same for everyone, since we’re all wonderful and unique beings, but we can promise you’ll be happy with our all-natural therapeutic alternative to over-the-counter and prescription pain and relaxation medications. Discover natural health in the safest way possible, with lab-tested strains from Original Harvest.
hite Vein Sumatra kratom leaf is one of our most versatile daytime strains.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region



Green Vein and White Vein





General Effects

Mild stimulation

Best For

AM or PM

Therapeutic Benefits

Stress and anxiety; energy; improve mood



Alkaloid Concentration

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

11 reviews for Sumatra Yellow Kratom Leaf

  1. Krishna

    This helps me manage my stress levels and in turn keeps my anxiety in check. I highly recommend it, and I really appreciate the awesome customer service too!

  2. liam

    I tried both white and green kratom leaf, powder, and capsules before and found the effects for them weren’t exactly what I needed. I found this company while trying to find more variety, and ended up find the Sumatra yellow, which is a blend of both. It’s just what I needed to manage my anxiety and it’s actually cheaper than other brands. Plus, you can do so much with a kratom drink, you don’t have to have just the leaves.

  3. Deborah

    I’m a hard-working mother of two boys. I work a very high paying and demanding job but love it. It obviously comes with some stressors and downfalls. I try to be there for my boys as much as possible and that requires me to be energized to be able to keep up with my rugrats. I sometimes worry because I chose to have kids later in life that I would have a harder time keeping my energy levels up. This kratom plant is the miracle supplement that helps reduce my stress and anxiety and keeps me feeling energized. Kratom and kids together keep me young at heart.

  4. Marika V.

    I was having a really rough time with my anxiety and a friend recommended I give kratom a try. I was so shocked that I’d never heard of this supplement before, and went straight to Google to do some research. I decided to try this strain because it seemed like one of the more popular products, and I am so happy with the results! A little of this every days and my mind is clear and I feel so much more focused. This has really been a life-changer for me!

  5. Billie W.

    I’ve always had a bit of social anxiety and I find that this supplement is so perfect for me! I use it anytime I have a social event coming up that I know I’ll be nervous for, whether it’s just a social gathering or a presentation. This product has really helped me out in so many situations that I would normally dread. It’s also so easy and convenient being able to order it online, and I’ve always had a pleasant experience ordering from Original Harvest.

  6. Sandra P

    I purchased this strain to help me relax after stressful days at work, and found that it also helped calm my mind and relieve my anxiety so much! It’s perfect for tea when I get home and it has just made my evenings so much more enjoyable. Because I’m able to relax better, I’m able to sleep better, which makes my mornings better too! I’m also a huge fan of this company in general. The website is very informative and my order was delivered right on time. I’ll definitely be ordering again!

  7. Elaine B.

    I have a lot on my plate right now with work and taking care of my mother, and these kratom leaves make me feel better equipped to handle it all. I’ve blended them up in a smoothie before and you can barely taste it, but boy can you feel the stress relief. It’s like a burden literally lift off your shoulders. I live in a rural area so I like ordering kratom online to save me time (and money since I don’t have to drive and use up gas which is now crazy expensive).

  8. CandaceTi5

    Both me and the hubby work two jobs Monday through Friday. We still have the weekend, but we’re always too exhausted to do anything or enjoy each other’s company. Now we drink kratom tea all the time and it really helps us get back to feeling like ourselves. I would even say I feel healthier now that I’m not guzzling coffee all the time. I didn’t mind the green or white strains, but the yellow works best for us. Since we’re trying to save money, the cheap cost of this herb really makes it that much better.

  9. Suzy G.

    My biggest struggle is quieting the mind right before bed. I practice yoga on a daily basis to help out with this issue. After many nights of tossing and turning, I noticed my health take a decline due to minimal sleep. It seems the only place I can find relaxation anymore is the yoga studio — at least, that’s what I thought before trying this leaf. I’ve incorporated it into my daily life in the morning and evening to keep a happy and anxiety-free high all day. It also helps me fall asleep.

  10. Mylissa R.

    I bought this strain for my boyfriend to help with his anxiety and depression. I know he doesn’t want anything unnatural — no pills, no over-the-counter BS. Only marijuana and now kratom. I’ve seen the positive impact marijuana has on his life so I wanted to turn things up with kratom and give it a shot. He drinks this strain in the morning and says he feels more easygoing during the day. The little annoyances don’t bother him as much and he’s able to keep his cool under stressful situations.

  11. Ruthy M.

    This is the best, most-effective kratom vein I’ve come across to combat my anxiety. I’ve been a huge fan of OH’s products and think I’ve finally found my all-time favorite. I went ahead and bought three packs at once just to make sure I don’t run out when I need it the most. This leaf has saved me from a bunch of panic attacks. I take it every day as a preventative against anxiety and panic attacks.

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