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Super Indo Yellow Kratom Powder

Super Indo Yellow Kratom Powder

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Indonesian strains are a popular variety, and our Yellow Super Indo kratom powder will make you a true believer. Gentle energy, a boost of focus and stress relief, and pain management.


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Kratom Description

Enjoy our Indonesian strains? Then you’ll love our Yellow Super Indo Kratom Powder!

Made from the mature green and white leaves of Indonesian Mitragyna speciosa trees, our Yellow Super Indo kratom powder is a mid-level slow/moderate strain that reward you with an intense but smooth flow of energy that doesn’t quite reach the level of our Green Vein Super Indo, but won’t leave you nodding off like our Red Vein.

Some patients feel a wash of euphoria with this unique strain, which is named for the yellowish tint it developed during a special drying and fermentation process that changes the alkaloid concentrations within the leaves. You should experience the pain relief for which our Red Vein Super Indo is so popular, but without the accompanying sleep aid that makes Red Vein useful only at night.

Instead, you can experience the healing benefits of Yellow Super Indo kratom powder any time of the day. You won’t get quite the burst of energy of Green Vein, but it will feel no less smooth and clean, and it is enough to help you battle stress and stay focused and productive. Some patients recommend combining Yellow Super Indo with Green Vein in order to benefit from the mood boost of the latter, but in a mixture or on its own, you’re sure to appreciate the effects of this unique strain.

What kratom is best for pain relief?

If you’re planning to use kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) to treat your chronic or acute pain, the best strains for you are Red Vein and Green Vein, though there are some Yellow varieties that may also suit your needs.

Red Vein kratom powders are referred to as “slow”, because they offer a sedative quality that causes deep relaxation. Some Red Vein strains are strictly physical, letting you remain alert and productive but easing and blocking pain, while others will send you right to sleep.

Green Vein kratom powders are more energizing – called “fast” or “moderate” – but some still offer a touch a pain relief. These strains are best for morning or mid-day, if your pain is of the kind that wakes you up in the morning. Green Vein strains should not be used in the evening or before bed, as they contain just enough stimulation to keep you awake.

Some Yellow strains also offer mild pain relief in addition to a bit of gentle stimulation – that is actually one of the most sought-after qualities of Yellow and Green Vein varieties. Try our Yellow Super Indo Kratom Powder for potent relaxation without total sedation!

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color

Green, White




Mild stimulant

Best Time for Use

Morning / Afternoon

Therapeutic Effects

Pain relief; relaxation; energy; aid productivity

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

9 reviews for Super Indo Yellow Kratom Powder

  1. Bruno Q

    This is the perfect balance to get that kratom high without feeling too euphoric. I tried both green and red strains from another company and then this company, and you could tell the difference in quality by the flavor. I make the kratom tea every morning, and feel stress-free all day. I have nothing bad to say about it. Even if you haven’t tried it and aren’t sure about trying it, it’s just an herb…what have you got to lose?

  2. Ava

    I love this stuff. I feel great whenever I take it and it makes a huge difference in how you react to stress. I buy the super indo yellow and the Thai yellow powders. I like them both equally, but I probably use the indo more frequently just because of the effects. If you’ve never tried it before, make a kratom drink or kratom tincture out of it and you’ll feel good all day.

  3. Genevieve T

    I’m a huge ball of stress all the time, but not anymore! Thanks to kratom, I feel great and ready to take on anything. I was scammed by a kratom vendor before, but this company has been tremendous. I called them up and they helped me pick a strain, place my order, and it was delivered fast than they said. I make a kratom tincture and find it’s great. The benefits of this strain are perfect for just a little bit of energy.

  4. Lisa G.

    Right now I am going to school at night after working a job during the day and its really hard to focus and keep my energy up for class. My friend told me about kratom powder and recommended this company, so I read the reviews and ordered this one online to try. Its actually amazing. I have more focus but can still get to sleep when I need to.

  5. Kristin R

    I was worried that kratom would not work for me as I needed. Some trial and error occured because I tried green, white, and red before settling on yellow. I actually started making my own mix of green and red at first, because I had some left over. That’s how I ended up loving the yellow strain. I never got the ratio right myself, but this strain is the best. It’s the perfect perfect feeling for a productive day at work. Plus, because it’s just an herb, it’s a great natural supplement.

  6. Trayvon O

    This strain really does it all! I was really only looking to kratom for pain relief and had no clue until I started ordering from Original Harvest that this supplement was capable of doing so much more! Now that I’ve tried a few different strains, I have to say that this one might be my favorite. It really does a little bit of everything. I’m so impressed that Original Harvest has such a huge collection and that all their products are pretty cheap!

  7. Dillon H

    Sometimes I really can’t believe that this is a natural, organic supplement. It fits right into my schedule without hassle. I can buy online and not worry about finding what’s right for me. The customer service lady that helped me was extremely knowledgable about kratom powder, and even gave me some tips for mixing my own kratom drink. That’s exactly why I’ll continue to order.

  8. Louise M.

    Is there anything this power CAN’T fix? I was amazed at how many things this power is used for. Pain, sleep, better focus, elevated mood, and more. Basically, if you’re having a really shit day, you need to include this powder into your diet. It tastes good on its own, but I like to mix it with water, coffee, a morning smoothie, or even sprinkled on top of my morning oatmeal. One day I thought I was gonna blow through the roof but this powder really helped me calm down and chill out.

  9. Kyle P.

    I went to Indonesia a few years ago and that’s when I first learned about kratom. It’s such a tradition there and I didn’t ever think that I could incorporate it into my life back home. However, I must say that I am really glad I gave this a try in my “real life.” It helps me cope with stress and anxiety in a totally natural way. And, ordering from Original Harvest saves me a ton of time tracking it down in my rural town.

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