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Thai 10x Kratom Extract Kratom Powder Pack

Thai 10x Kratom Extract Powder

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The potent combination of red and green vein leaves in our 10x Bali kratom extract powder delivers a gentle boost of energy and mental clarity, along with pain relief. Use with care – this strain is strong!


Kratom Description

Thai 10x Kratom Extract Powder for Sale

If you have tried mixing Red Vein Thai and Green Vein Thai kratom powders together, but still aren’t getting quite the effects you want, we strongly recommend trying out 10x Thai kratom extract. This blend of the most potent red and green vein powders on our Indonesian partner farm deliver an appealing combination of pain relief and gentle stimulation.

Green Vein Thai has long been celebrated for the boost to productivity it imparts on patients. It’s an excellent morning strain, or can be suitable for the early afternoon, that post-lunch period when you feel your energy beginning to flag. But our 10x Thai kratom extract doesn’t stop at increased energy and mental focus – it also offers solid analgesic effects that can help you get past those mid-day aches and pains and stay strong, both mentally and physically.

Thai Kratom Extract is Extra-Strength

While all kratom strains should be taken with care, attention to dosage is especially important with our 10x Thai kratom extract. 10x doesn’t necessarily mean the effects of this strain will be 10 times that of a regular potency version, but you should certainly expect more powerful effects than you might be used to. 10x Thai kratom extract should always be tried in small doses to begin with. Where a small amount might suffice for new patients using regular strains, at Original Harvest, we strongly recommend sticking to this low level with 10x Thai kratom extract, regardless of tolerance, until you know how strongly you will be affected.

Small Doses of Thai Kratom Extract Powder

As is true with many strains, our 10x Thai kratom extract powder can deliver different effects depending on the size of the dose. Some patients find a small dose is more stimulating than a larger dose, which can bring out more of the red vein sedation, that “slow” relaxation that can leave you sleepy. Even if you’re looking for more relaxation, though, start with a small dose of 10x Thai kratom extract and enjoy the peace and brightness a pure, organic, all-natural medicine can bring to your day.

Kratom Characteristics

Vein Color

10x Kratom Extract

Region of Origin





Mild Stimulant

Best Time for Use

Morning or Afternoon

Therapeutic Effects

Mild energy; focus; pain relief.

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

6 reviews for Thai 10x Kratom Extract Powder

  1. lou25k

    This is an awesome product!

  2. Frank

    Great product. Bought in Canada since there wasn’t anywhere to buy kratom locally, and I’m really impressed overall. There are so many benefits since it hits the same receptors that pain relievers do, but without the negative side effects. Plus, the kratom powder and pills can help you feel more awake. Really glad I was able to find this product and order from a trusted company.

  3. Lana P

    Best strain that you carry. It really helps me move past my 3 o’clock wall and keep working away. Kratom vendors normally all carry the same thing, so I like that there are so many options here that I can order and they don’t have any fillers. Plus, this herb is incredibly strong. I lowered my dose after the first time because I got a little bit of that kratom high and I’m pretty sensitive to things in general.

  4. Tommy Z

    Can I just say… DO NOT USE THIS IF YOU”VE NEVER USED KRATOM BEFORE. That said… this is such a great product. It’s like BOOM pain relief and BOOM energy. Kablamo! I love it. I’m all about the less is more approach, and this extract really sells that. But seriously. I’ve been using kratom for awhile now, I’ve tried a few different brands, Original Harvest has the best I’ve come across (and I can get it online to boot) but it is STRONG. You will not know what hit you. Then again, it might make your day.

  5. Joseph L

    This stuff is extremely strong, but it’s just what I need. I work as a martial arts instructor. Long hours, and lots of physical activity. Work with adults mostly, so can get pretty sore by the end of the day. Ordered this kratom powder to make a tincture and it works really well. If you’re planning to sleep, I wouldn’t use this herb before then. I usually take it in the morning. If I have a really late class, I’ll take it around noon but not after that. The benefits last for hours for me.

  6. Mark C

    As some of the other reviews mention, this is probably not the strain to try if you’re new to kratom, because it pulls a powerful punch! Having tried a few different strains over the years, I decided I’d kick it up a notch and try one of the stronger strains, and this one certainly delivers! I find it perfect for mid-afternoon when I feel my energy depleting and my body start aching from the strain of the day. Original Harvest is also the best place to buy kratom, hands down.

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