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Thai 10x Kratom Extract Powder Pack

Thai 10x Kratom Leaf Extract

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Looking for natural pain relief that comes with a side helping of subtle energy? Look no farther than 10x Thai Extract Kratom Leaf!


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Kratom Description

Thai 10x Kratom Leaf Extract for Delivery

At Original Harvest, we’re proud to bring you the classic Thai therapeutic strain in a higher potency with our Thai 10x kratom leaf extract. Extracts are made using the most alkaloid-rich red and green vein leaves of the Thai kratom tree, and the result is a hard-hitting, healing variety that, in this case, has a loose tea-like consistency of crumbled leaves.

Does Kratom Improve Productivity?

Thai is one of the most popular choices of kratom for boosting productivity and focus, and our 10x kratom leaf extract still brings you this clarity and gentle energy, but it packs a punch of pain-killing effects, as well. Whether you’re using kratom to supplement and cut back on prescription medicines like opioids or you are trying it for the first time to treat your chronic or acute pain, this strong strain – taken only in very small amounts – could make a positive difference in your day by minimizing those aches and pains of mind and body that tend to set in after lunchtime.

Strong Effects of Kratom Extracts

Though Thai 10x kratom leaf extract is not necessarily 10 times as potent as regular green vein or red vein Thai kratom strains, it is more powerful and as such should be used with great care. Amounts of 1 gram or even less should give you the results of a larger quantity of regular strength kratom.

At Original Harvest, all our kratom products are cultivated on our partner farm in Indonesia, which is a certified organic facility. Once the expert gardeners have harvested, dried, and cured the kratom leaves, they are shipped fresh to us, where we have each strain lab-tested to ensure it is 100% pure (no additives or fillers, just natural kratom leaves), authentic, and safe. Discover natural health today, when you place your order for Thai 10x kratom leaf extract from Original Harvest.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region



Red Vein and Green Vein


Leaf Extract



General Effects

Mild Energy / Stimulation

Therapeutic Benefits

Mild energy; focus; pain relief.

Best For

AM or PM

Alkaloid Concentration

High in 7-HMG; low in mitragynine

8 reviews for Thai 10x Kratom Leaf Extract

  1. Fraser

    This amazing supplement is like an all-in-one health booster. I feel so much more relaxed, less tired, and overall just great in general. I hear that you can use kratom for opiate withdrawal, but haven’t ever used it for that reason myself. Product is high quality and delivery is super fast.

  2. Elaine B.

    I was a little bit unsure about trying something labelled “10x” but I really liked these kratom leaves. If I’m honest, I’ve been trying to wean myself off of some things and this is really great to feel pain free and keep my mind off of the alternatives out there. I like that its natural and organic and so easy to get online. Affordable, too!

  3. Matthew R

    I used to buy the kratom powder and make something like a matcha tea by whisking the powder. That took a lot of work, so I started buying the leaf. Way easier for me. I know other people blend the powder in a smoothie or something, but I’m not really a smoothie drinker. Best part is that I can order online from a trusted kratom vendor and have it delivered.

  4. Mike S

    So many pain medications make me drowsy, so I’m so glad I finally found a supplement that not only doesn’t do that, but actually gives me a little boost! It’s just what I need sometimes to get me through my work day, and it’s such a relief not to have to fight through the pain all day just to do my job! I’m so happy and very much recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about trying out kratom.

  5. Chris Y

    I would be lying if I said I didn’t use this stuff every day. I have this weird condition where my actual skull aches. It’s not a headache, but has something to do with the bone or something like tht…so it’s a constant pain I have all the time. Since I didn’t want to take drugs everyday, I found natural alternatives online but kratom tea was the online this that worked. I might try other strains, but this one has worked so far.

  6. Jake J.

    This stuff really kills two birds with one stone. Pain and fatigue are the two things that come with my job. I sit at a desk ALL day long and I start to notice my muscles cramping up. Starring at the computer screen really takes it out on my eyes. That’s two kinds of pain, plus scrolling on a screen gets tiresome after 3pm. I hate drinking coffee that late so I bought this leaf on a whim. I definitely recommend it. It worked for me and I’ll be buying it again when my batch runs out.

  7. Dylan V.

    I find that this kratom leaf really helps when I have a headache, which seems to happen to me at least once a week. I like that I don’t have to worry about mixing different prescription or OTC products and that this kratom is natural. I had no idea about all the kratom benefits until I started doing some research. I prefer to buy it online because it’s more private and convenient, and this website has great value.

  8. Sofia Mattis

    I never got Xrays or anything, but I messed up my knee really bad playing softball in high school. Don’t know exactly what went wrong, but I was bedridden for days. I can’t say I ever fully recovered, and whenever I do something active, my knee flares up again and gets all swollen. I’m really into sports so there’s no way I could give them up entirely. Instead, I added some Thai 10X into my routine to help ease the pain or prevent it altogether.

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