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Thai Red Vein Kratom Leaf

Thai Red Vein Kratom Leaf

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Celebrated for its long-lasting potency, Red Vein Thai kratom leaf is a wonderful option for those seeking relaxation and pain relief without the sleep aid.


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Kratom Description

Find out why kratom is becoming such a popular choice for holistic, natural wellness with one of the most sought-after and well-liked strains: Thai Red Vein kratom leaf. This classic option is known for being one of the longest-lasting red vein varieties on the market, and we’re proud to carry it in kratom leaf, powder, and capsule form.

Other strain varieties of Thai kratom are best known for their stimulating properties, and while Thai Red Vein kratom leaf does take the energy down a notch, this strain is best classified as a “moderate” option. You’re likely to experience and faint and gentle kind of energy from this strain, the kind that’s best suited to afternoons or days where you’re looking more for pain relief than stimulation, but don’t want to be left sleeping or lazing on the couch, either. Depending on the user, this strain delivers mild to moderate pain relief, along with the usual mood boosting and stress-relieving qualities common to most red vein strains.

Thai Red Vein kratom leaf from Original Harvest is cultivated and cured on our partner farm in Indonesia, where experts source and grow strains from across Southeast Asia. All our kratom is guaranteed pure – free of fillers or additives, or anything that could interact badly with the alkaloids in the plant – and also certified organic. Each strain is even lab tested to ensure these results.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region



Red Vein





General Effects

Mild sedation

Best For

PM or Night

Therapeutic Benefits

Pain relief; relaxation; some energy



Alkaloid Concentration

high in 7-HMG; low in mitragynine

5 reviews for Thai Red Vein Kratom Leaf

  1. Jack

    I love taking this at night before I wind down for bed, it calms me down and helps manage my back pain so I can sleep in peace!

  2. MaKayla A

    Red Thai kratom is really cool since it has so many benefits. Kratom leaf is not easy to find, but this company ships to Canada. The Mitragyna speciosa plant come from various places, usually named after where it comes from. You want to be sure you’re buying from a company you can trust, and I only buy online from this company because they test the herb and post the results. They’re really transparent so you know exactly what is for sale.

  3. Bonnie P.

    This website has such a huge selection, I sometimes get overwhelmed. I like this kratom strain for a day off. I make a tea with it and enjoy it in the morning. I can relax but don’t feel sleepy and lethargic, so I can get some stuff done. I sometimes prefer the capsules for convenience but it’s easier to figure out your dose with the leaves and powders (or at least it is for me).

  4. Benjamin F.

    Fair warning: the potency of this leaf is hella strong. If you have neighbors or a strict on-site landlord who hates the smell of marijuana, I suggest buying a different strain. But if you don’t mind the strong smell, I highly recommend this strain to anyone who is looking for a night of relaxation and zen. A Netflix and chill night maybe. This leaf will take all your pain and worries away. It’s fast-acting and does the trick every time. I mix it into my tea right before going to bed and sleep through the night.

  5. Susan Karen

    My favorite thing to do after a long shift at the bar is go home, take a bath, and mix this kratom into my tea. Throw in some Epsom salts and essential oils and you’ve found the perfect way to relax. My feet and legs are so sore after working the bar and standing. Thai Red brings that pain relief without knocking me out. Relaxation without the fatigue — that’s a rare combo to find. The Thai Red is my favorite vein from Original Harvest.

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