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Thai White Vein Kratom Leaf

Thai White Vein Kratom Leaf

(8 customer reviews)


Say goodbye to fatigue from insomnia or chronic pain: White Vein Thai kratom leaf will leave you energized, clear-headed, and mood-boosted in an all-natural way.


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Kratom Description

One of our top energizing kratom strains is Thai White Vein kratom leaf. If you suffer from a chronic pain condition that has been preventing you from getting enough sleep, in addition to natural options for a better night’s rest, we can also offer you a caffeine alternative for those particularly sluggish mornings.

Thai White Vein kratom leaf is made from 100% pure kratom leaves – it might look like green tea, but we guarantee all that’s in there are certified organic kratom leaves cured and prepared by expert cultivators at our partner farm in Indonesia. Those carefully tended leaves are shipped straight to us in the US, lab-tested by our company, and then delivered fresh to your door.

This “fast” strain offers improved focus and mental clarity, and many users find they feel no negative side effects from Thai White Vein kratom leaf, so long as they maintain our recommended low to moderate amounts. Feel a touch of improved mood and natural, subtle energy, and discover what it’s like to get through the day without crashing – finally!

At Original Harvest, we guarantee our products, and are dedicated to bringing you only the finest, purest organic kratom leaf, powder, and capsules available online. Try Thai White Vein kratom leaf, today.

Kratom Characteristics

Native Region



White Vein





General Effects


Best For


Therapeutic Benefits

Energy; improve mood; aid productivity; pain relief



Alkaloid Concentration

high in mitragynine; low in 7-HMG

8 reviews for Thai White Vein Kratom Leaf

  1. Ben

    It’s not kidding when they say the white vein kratom has fast acting pain relief. I took some and within the hour I was feeling brand new! It’s not easy for a 55 year old guy to say that!

  2. Joey I

    Love this strain. I’ve tried roughly 8 other varieties, mostly from other companies, and this is by far the best. I work on a construction site, so I can’t be half asleep and I usually ache at the end of the day. Not anymore. This herb is really serious…helps keep me feeling great all day and no more pain.

  3. Helen O.

    I use this every morning and can’t imagine getting through many days without it! I like it more than coffee (too acidic!) and love the fact that its a really natural product that is organic. I also like knowing where it came from and that this is a reputable company. If you are looking for a boost of energy and positivity, definitely give this one a try.

  4. Ava A

    I’m one of those people who gets distracted really easily. Since I work in an open “creative” office, everyone is always talking and bouncing ideas off of each other. Since using kratom leaf to make a tea, I’m way more focused. I get so much more done. Everyone was curious what my secret was, so now we order in bulk to the office and everyone makes a drink with it. Great company and great quality herb

  5. SteffieN

    I love that this natural, organic supplement is able to do so much! So many times I take supplements but feel like I’m just wasting my money and time, but with kratom, you can actually feel what you’re getting out of it. It definitely makes the pain melt away, and I see why this has stuck around for centuries because it actually works! Online ordering also makes it so easy to get your hands on this stuff when it might otherwise be difficult.

  6. Fern H

    I actually found this kratom leaf to be much stronger than I expected. I was a little disappointed, but I know it happens. i use half the recommended amount and now actually find that it improved my mood considerably. I received a few suggestions from the lady I spoke to at the company, so I’ll try those next. Pretty good for a mood booster, but it is strong!

  7. Thea R.

    Using this kratom makes me feel like the energizer bunny (but not in a weird way!). I just feel like i’m ready to tackle whatever gets thrown at me, and sometimes at my office that can be a lot of crap. My attitude is better. I always order online (not even sure where to start looking for kratom in my community) and this website has good prices.

  8. Dylan Kristo

    The best energy boost of my life! No more coffee, no more Redbull. I traded in that sugary stuff after discovering this vein. My friend recommended it to me when we changed to the morning shift. Now, we wake up for work at 5am, it’s BRUTAL. All I can say is that this vein saved me from falling asleep behind the wheel so many times. I highly recommend to any who’s running low on energy for whatever reason, maybe insomnia, maybe a new work schedule.

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