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Thai Yellow Kratom Powder

Thai Yellow Kratom Powder

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For just a touch of clean-burning energy, combined with moderate pain relief and anti-anxiety effects, choose our premium, organic Yellow Thai kratom powder.

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Kratom Description

Our Yellow Thai Kratom Powder packs a balanced punch that will appeal to those who enjoy Red and Green Thai strains but haven’t found the perfect fit just yet.

A mildly stimulating but nevertheless relaxing alternative to Green Vein Thai, our Yellow Thai Kratom Powder has moderate effects that might affect you at a level between Red Vein and Green Vein or Green Vein and White Vein, depending on your personal body chemistry. While this can leave your first dose uncertain, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the effects of this strain whichever side of the spectrum on which they fall.

Some patients find Yellow Thai Kratom Powder, which is named for the color that results from the special drying process it undergoes, offers a gentle stimulation slightly above that of Green Vein but still not as heady as White Vein, and with a remaining touch of pain and stress relief. Productivity with analgesic qualities – the perfect daytime strain.

Others are affected on a slower level, with Yellow Thai Kratom Powder reacting more toward the Red Vein end of the spectrum, offering an alert but relaxing sensation that encourages rest and thoughtful relaxation. Though not sedating enough to be taken right before bed, late afternoon might be the ideal time to try this unique, multi-purpose Mitragyna speciosa strain from Original Harvest.

How is kratom consumed?

In regions where the consumption of kratom is legal, most people choose to ingest their kratom dosage mixed with some kind of liquid. Some may mix the powdered dosage with water and drink it quickly (it has a bitter, not terribly appealing taste), and those that do have reported that mixing the powder with a bit of boiling or very hot water before topping up the glass with cold water helps soften it and make it easier to swallow. When mixing with liquid, a “slurry” method is usually recommended, wherein the patient swirls the powder until it is mostly mixed, then quickly drinks it.

Kratom can also be made into a tea, with the dosage replacing tea leaves. Always do your research before you mix kratom powder with a different type of tea – you never know what natural products could have adverse reactions. When drinking kratom tea, many people choose to add a sweetener.

Of course, if none of these drinking options appeal to you, and you’d rather not add your powder to a smoothie, yogurt, or other food, then you can always opt for capsules. At Original Harvest, we sell all our powders, including our Yellow Thai Kratom Powder, in capsule form. Each 100% plant-based capsule contains approximately 750 mg of the same pure powder, so two capsules per dose is perfect for a new patient.

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color

Green, White




Mild stimulant

Best Time for Use

Morning / Afternoon

Therapeutic Effects

Aid productivity; pain relief; stress and anxiety; energy

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

4 reviews for Thai Yellow Kratom Powder

  1. Nick

    Couldn’t handle the taste, but definitely not one to take pills so I put this in my smoothie every morning. I order from Maine, USA and always get my order fast. They say you can drink it as a tea, and I’m sure some people do. I only use it to help me relax after a workout, and it’s the only thing that works for me. Don’t throw it out if you feel weird the first time. Keep trying for a while. It took me some time to get used to it.

  2. Camri

    I’ve tried all the varieties, green, red, yellow, and white, but Thai yellow is the best thing I’ve ordered so far. I was originally buying from a local store, but they stopped carrying the strains I liked so now I just buy online. I also order the leaves and make a tea. The relaxing feeling I get is great.

  3. Stephen T.

    I didn’t know a thing about kratom until I saw all the crap on the news but when I started doing research it really didn’t seem that bad. I looked at a few head shops here locally in Minnesota but I wasn’t finding what I was looking for, so I went online. Original Harvest seemed like they had their sh*t together, at least they have a big selection and I did a lot of reading before I ordered this Yellow Thai, which is actually a really great strain to start with if you’re easing yourself in. It’s balancing, and in the time I’ve been using it I honestly haven’t had any urge to abuse it, or felt like I’ve had to up my dose significantly. You just have to be smart about it. It’s life changing though, I’ll give them that!

  4. Glenn V.

    I really like this kratom powder. It lets me let go of all the anxiety I typically hold in, and it’s really easy to mix into other things to hide the taste (I usually go with chocolate milk or a tropical fruit smoothie). It arrived pretty fast in the mail, which was also a bonus. I haven’t really noticed it having an effect on pain but I also don’t really suffer from pain of the physical variety.

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