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Vietnam 10x Kratom Extract Kratom Powder Pack

Vietnam 10x Kratom Extract Powder

(9 customer reviews)

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With our 10x Vietnam kratom extract powder, you'll experience unparalleled physical relaxation, along with a gentle lift in energy and amazing pain relief.


Kratom Description

Pure and Organic Vietnam 10x Kratom Extract Powder

Though grown on our 100% organic farm in Indonesia, our 10x Vietnam Kratom Extract comes from the authentic red and green vein kratom strains originating in this beautiful country on the South China Sea. Once very popular due to the fertile growing conditions in this region, products like our 10x Vietnam Kratom Extract underwent a lapse in the western world, and are now being touted as a relatively new, unique choice for patients seeking gentle stimulation and pain relief.

The alkaloid content in Vietnam kratom products varies somewhat from other popular strains. Some researchers suggest that due to the humidity levels in Vietnam, these kratom strains have developed higher levels of alkaloids. As a result, some unique effects have been noted.

Moderate Stimulation with Vietnam Kratom

Much like our Malaysian strains, Vietnam kratom falls somewhere in the middle on the stimulating to sedating spectrum; it is certainly more stimulating than sedating, though this quality is comfortable and not overpowering. The primary medicinal effect of our 10x Vietnam Kratom Extract is its potent pain-killing power, which is interesting because many stimulating or “fast” kratom varieties do not offer such an analgesic effect. Vietnam extract and powders also provide a distinct sense of focus and clarity.

Similar to white vein strains from the Borneo region, the 10x Vietnam Kratom Extract delivers cheerful clarity of mind, an effect that probably increased its popularity in historic times, when workers often turned to kratom to make strenuous work less trying. Users have also had good results using Vietnam kratom extract for stomach and chronic pains.

In terms of longevity, Vietnam kratom is often seen to take effect quickly, provide a cleaner, more even kind of energy than caffeine, and last for several hours – up to six depending on metabolism and food intake.

About Vietnam

Nestled on the outer edge of Cambodia and Laos, Vietnam is perhaps best known to westerners as the site of a war, but has much more to its history than that. Populated by more than 90 million people, the small country is home to sites like Ha Long Bay (a World Heritage Site) and a rich history of folk literature called ca dao. Vietnam has one of the highest economic growth rates in the world.

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Kratom Characteristics

Vein Color

10x Kratom Extract

Region of Origin





Mild Stimulant

Best Time for Use

Morning or Afternoon

Therapeutic Effects

Mental clarity; pain relief; mild energy.

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

9 reviews for Vietnam 10x Kratom Extract Powder

  1. Andrew Weber

    This Vietnam extract powder is great, anytime I can get more bang for my buck, I’m sold. I use a few different strains but the 10x Vietnam is my go-to for getting out of bed in the morning without all those extra aches and pains that go along with being old. Not every morning, of course, just those ones where I haven’t slept great the night before.

  2. Olga

    I tried the green kratom powder first, so I wasn’t expecting how quickly for this stuff to work. It hit me really fast, just like the description says, and you will not need caffeine. It’s actually cheaper than a coffee or caffeine pills, and doesn’t make you feel nuts. Kratom capsule effects are just as good if you can’t take the taste, but I just mix this up in juice and it doesn’t bother me.

  3. Colleen

    So, I like to push buttons and actually asked to discuss the lab results. They are real and authentic. I had no choice but to buy my own kratom powder and am now grateful that I did. I blend it up in my smoothie and can’t get enough.

  4. Wesley A.

    Gotta say, I love how this Vietnam extract powder is good for pain relief but doesn’t put you to sleep. I’ve tried a handful of different strains over the past few years, I still use the White Vietnam during the day, but when I really want something to get me going, I’ll use this. It’s a lot stronger too, you should take that into consideration if you’re going to go with an extract. I wouldn’t recommend starting out this strong, though. I also really appreciate how transparent Original Harvest has been, they put it all out there for you. Kratom is strong enough on its own, you don’t need something that’s been adulterated.

  5. Julie V.

    I wasn’t sure about this one, because it says it relieves pain while also giving stimulation instead of making you more relaxed. But, I actually really liked it. This kratom strain helps me deal with pain without making me feel lethargic, so I can take it during the day. I usually make a drink with it and I like ordering it online.

  6. Hillary I.

    I’ve been really interested in kratom for some time but was having trouble finding any stores near me that carry it where I am in Canada. Not only was I excited to find a company that would deliver my order right to my house, but I was also very impressed by the scientific, research-based approach Original Harvest takes. I love that I can now experience pain relief using a natural supplement that won’t leave me drowsy. I’ll definitely be trying out other products in future.

  7. Darren055

    Tried a few different strains, usually white veins and red veins, and I find this to be a really good balance of a lot of the benefits I started taking kratom for in the first place. It’s perfect for after work or the evening when I still need to get some work done, or before a dinner engagement when I want to be all there mentally. In my experience, this is the best brand out there—they have a great selection and clearly are putting out their best product.

  8. Harlie F

    My biological clock is actually really weird. I naturally wake up at 4:30 in the morning and I have to get up or I just lay there wide awake until it’s a more reasonable time. Even if I go to bed late, I’m up at that time. Doesn’t matter what I do. Anyways, point is that I am exhausted by the time 3 o’clock hits and I’m basically useless. Kratom has been an absolute godsend helping me to get past that mid-afternoon wall and actually keep getting word done. It just completely frees up my brain so I have a little bit of energy, I can think clearly, and I feel great. I make some kind of tincture with a recipe I find online and use that every day.

  9. Dustin V.

    I never thought it was possible to feel relaxed and energetic at the same time. It feels weird to say, but it’s like my mind and body are operating on two separate levels. My head feels clear, open, and awakened. I’ve noticed my concentration and focus have been way up since taking this powder with my tea. Meanwhile, my body feels relaxed and painfree. Normally, sitting in the same chair, in the same position all day gives me cramps. I had NO cramps after I added this kratom to my drinks.

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