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Vietnam Green Vein Kratom Powder

Vietnam Green Vein Kratom Powder

(4 customer reviews)


With clean-burning energy and a high concentration of alkaloids, Green Vein Vietnam kratom powder offers physical relaxation and pain management without sleepiness.


Kratom Description

Find balance with Green Vein Vietnam Kratom Powder

In the world of pain relief, it is often difficult to find a medication that will soothe pain without taking you down for the count, for the simple reason that in order to relieve pain we need to fully relax. Natural medications that have the ability to promote this relaxation without bedrest are few and far between, and highly valuable to busy people who just don’t have time to take a few days off when hit with a bout of acute or chronic pain.

Like many green vein varieties, our Green Vein Vietnam kratom powder provides a nice boost of energy in a classic Goldilocks manner: not too strong, and not too weak. Like many varieties, our Green Vein is stimulating (“fast”) but still offers the healing analgesic properties of the sedating red vein.

Vietnam kratom powders in general are a great choice for people seeking out the middle ground – something that will stimulate them without leaving them buzzing and distracted. Though kratom is considerably less guilty of this latter effect than caffeinated substances like coffee, Vietnam in particular is a clean-burning variety that puts to best work its abundance of alkaloids (as much as 25% more concentrated than kratom from other regions.

Green Vein Kratom Powders

Stimulating and often longer-lasting than other varieties, green vein strains like our Green Vein Vietnam Kratom Powder are a great therapeutic option for those seeking a treatment that is both pain relieving and energizing. In addition to these qualities, green vein Mitragyna speciosa powders tend to have a positive nootropic effect – that is, they have the ability to improve mental facilities such as focus, concentration, and memory.

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color





Mild stimulant

Best Time for Use

Morning or Afternoon

Therapeutic Effects

Pain relief; energy

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG

4 reviews for Vietnam Green Vein Kratom Powder

  1. penny stevens

    The first time I tried Green Vein kratom powder I wasn’t sure what to expect. I mixed it in with my lunch, it didn’t go down super I had this nice, euphoric feeling, I felt so much more energized and less pain. I did notice in the evening I had a hard time getting to and staying asleep and I had some weird dreams, which probably means I used too much. I only use it in the morning now. Thanks for such a great product!

  2. Saba

    I tried both yellow and white kratom powder, but it wasn’t enough for me. The green Vietnam happened to give me the best feeling. I felt awake and wasn’t achy. My back tends to ache from sitting on a desk chair all day. I think it’s incredible that there are so many benefits from this herb. Everyone should try it!

  3. Asha V.

    This powder is the definition of a clean burn. It comes on slow and gradual, nothing overwhelming or overpowering. It’s smooth and feels pure. There are no side effects other than what the powder promises to do, which is to help you relax without falling asleep. I mix this powder with water (it’s not gross at all!) and drink it by the computer while I get work done. It keeps me focused without giving too much of a cerebral buzz. I don’t like when my thoughts race a mile a minute.

  4. Vanessa Harding

    The effects of this energizing kratom vein are nothing like coffee. It’s almost impossible to describe but I notice a huge difference, especially during the comedown. With coffee, I almost always experience a crash in the middle of the day after lunch. I feel immediately tired and sluggish. Kratom is completely different. There’s no crash. There’s no sudden comedown. The energizing experience is so gradual that you hardly notice it.

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