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Vietnam Red Vein Kratom Capsules

Vietnam Red Vein Kratom Capsules

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Relaxing but generally not sleep-inducing, Red Vein Vietnam kratom capsules act quickly and are easy on the stomach, for pain relief with a side of improved mental acuity.

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Kratom Description

Experience the relaxation power of our Red Vein Vietnam Kratom Capsules, and all they have to offer. Unlike other Red Vein varieties, our Vietnam strain is a “moderate” option that will give you an incredible amount of pain relief and relaxation in body and mind, without leaving you so drowsy you begin to nod off.

Red Vein varieties are known for their sedative qualities, and though Red Vein Vietnam Kratom Capsules don’t reach the balanced energy of Green Vein strains, they do allow you to feel at ease, released from muscle ache and nerve pain, while still remaining conscious and capable of carrying out slow, gentle tasks. If you plan to work from home, seated at the computer or on the couch, this Red Vein variety may be just the ticket.

Red Vein Vietnam Kratom Capsules might take your energy levels down a notch, but they won’t do the same to your mood. A good, moderate strain for anxiety and stress, Red Vein Vietnam has mood boosting qualities that make you feel happier, without those unwanted side effects common to so many drugs with “antidepressant” properties.

Some patients who use Red Vein Vietnam Kratom Capsules notice that it clears the mind and eventually enables you to sleep more soundly. This strain is often found to take effect almost immediately after treatment.

Thanks to modern technology, at Original Harvest we have the versatility to offer you Mitragyna speciosa dosages in a number of unique delivery methods. Red Vein Vietnam Kratom Capsules can be taken easily with a sip of water, a subtle and discreet way to treat your pain. If you prefer to drink a tea or add your kratom to food, we also sell Red Vein Vietnam as a powder, and our stock includes a potent, 10x powdered extract – a combination of red and green vein leaves – as well.

Our 100% plant-based, vegetarian capsules contain no questionable ingredients, and hold approximately 500 mg of powder per cap. This pre-determined dose allows you to easier portion out your treatment quantities – new patients should begin with doses of no more than 2 Red Vein Vietnam Kratom Capsules.

Kratom Characteristics

Region of Origin


Vein Color






Best Time for Use

Afternoon or Evening

Therapeutic Effects

Pain relief; improve mood; not sleep-inducing.

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

7-HMG – high; mitragynine – low

4 reviews for Vietnam Red Vein Kratom Capsules

  1. Macy

    Capsules are an awesome idea and really save me a lot of time. Thank you for selling this version of a really great product. I use this for anxiety and this strain was really helpful.

  2. Jennifer B

    This is my favorite for pain relief. I know there are some others that are stronger but this is just enough to suit my needs. I have found that it also helps with anxiety, though that’s not what I first started using it for. I’ve had some of the best sleep of my life since I’ve been using Original Harvest’s products.

  3. Liz H

    I used to take SSRIs for my anxiety, but was hit with a multitude of awful side effects. My doctor switched me from one to the other trying to find the perfect dose and kind, but none seemed to work for me. My mother actually found this company and I ordered the red vein capsules due to the numerous beneficial effects. This herb is really a miracle. People have actually commented on the change in my mood.

  4. Sam

    As someone who has a highly sensitive stomach, I can say the description of these capsules is true. They really are easy on the stomach, which makes them my favorite remedy for an upset stomach or nausea. I even took these capsules while I was pregnant with my first child. The morning sickness, which really lasted all damn day, was killing me. I could barely leave the house or stand up. These capsules were a real life saver back then, and I still take them now after eating a big meal.

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