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Wholesale Bali Yellow Kratom Powder Pack

Wholesale Bali Yellow Kratom Powder

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Deep relaxation and relief from chronic pain are within reach with wholesale Yellow Bali kratom. If you only stock your shelves with one type of yellow kratom, let this be the one!

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Kratom Description

If you’re thinking of offering kratom in your store, you’ll probably want to choose an array of options to begin with, even if you’re only planning to stock a few strains. Our wholesale Bali Yellow Kratom is a great option for your yellow pick. This balanced strain is rarer than the usual vein color strains and is certain to impress customers with specific health issues.

Wholesale Bali Yellow Kratom is not named after a vein color, but rather named for the slightly yellowish tinge some related strains take on during their special curing process, which involves some fermentation. The combination of potent green and white vein Bali kratom leaves and the changing alkaloid concentrations from the process result in a strain with qualities that fall somewhere between red vein and green vein on the spectrum.

People who choose Bali Yellow kratom generally do so for its nice, gently relaxing properties that still provide just a touch of energy, so you aren’t left dozing but certainly aren’t stimulated. For days or evenings where you don’t want to sleep but do need to chill out, this strain can help relieve some pain, stress and anxiety and make you feel calmer while you carry on with your tasks.

At Original Harvest, becoming a wholesale partner means you get up to 70% off retail prices and access to our wonderful customer service reps for you both your own questions and those of your clients. Try wholesale Bali Yellow kratom today and discover why Original Harvest’s organic, pure powers and leaf are so popular.

Kratom Characteristics

Vein Color

Green, Red

Region of Origin





Mild stimulant

Best Time for Use

Morning / Afternoon

Therapeutic Effects

Minor pain relief; energy; relaxation

Delivery Method




Alkaloid Content

Balance of mitragynine and 7-HMG


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